The Lovelace Family The Lovelace Family Engagement February 13, 2006 17129769 Wedding September 2, 2006 17129779 3 Months 17129777 Family Photo from AGWM Candidate Orientation Josh, Carmen & Emma 17129780 Smile! 9 Months 39296331 Park Crest A/G They blessed all the 2009 candidate missionaries with tons of gifts! 41372110 51st AGWM Commissioning Service July 2, 2009 43119125 Ben, Kami, Hannah, Ethan Heilman (and us) Missionaries to Cambodia at our Commissioning Service 43119127 1 Year Old 43121123 1st Birthday Girl! 43121127 Emma's 1st Flight Plane ride to General Council 2009 47785267 Christmas 2009 65109271 18 Months 65109272 Cambodian Flag @ AG Headquarters 78997521 Goofing around during Sectional Councils 78997524 Beautiful day at the park 78997528 Light-For-The-Lost Banquet WE love Cambodia 78997529 Emma's General Store Emma, MO 78997531 Playing with our Cambodian frog @ Ozark AG 78997535 Learning new tricks @ Ava Assembly 89152855 Take time to smell the Dandelions! 89152856 Deep in thought during Sunday School 89152857 Celebrating Emma's 2nd Birthday at Incredible Pizza 89152863 New Suitcase... ready to pack for Cambodia! 78997527 Practicing our drive to the Airport! :) 89152853 Will Preach 4 Pledges! OK... not quite 'preach' but she usually makes a little noise while Daddy does! :) 89152854 Leaving Springfield, MO Saying goodbye to Josh's parents 131249937 Arriving in Phnom Penh 131249935 Playing with MK (Missionary Kid) friends! The Day we arrived in Cambodia. :) 131249936 Our first tuk-tuk ride 131249938 Emma loves the scoop that came with our Rice Cooker 131246495 Tuol Sleng School turned into Torture Center during Khmer Rouge 131246500 Tuol Sleng 131246501 The Killing Fields 131246502 The Killing Fields 131246503 Trying a New Food 131246504 Noom Jake (Banana Cake) 131246505 Noom Jake 131246506 Long & Winding Road Reminds us of driving in the Ozarks... 131246507 Elephant Crossing? Didn't have THESE in the Ozarks! 131246508 Josh calls this 'Car on Triangle' 131246509 Beach Girl Exploring Koh Kong, Cambodia 131246510 Leaving her mark (Ok, she might have had a little help...) 131246511 131246514 Khmer Wedding 131246516 Whatever you do for the least of these... 131246517 131246518 Enjoying a Fruit Shake at The Blue Pumpkin 131246520 People returning from celebrating Khmer Near Year in the Countryside 131246521 Easter 2011 131246522 Piseth's Graduation from CBI 131246525 Cheesy Smile 131246526 Piseth & Srey Mom's Wedding 131246527 Emma calls this the 'Nemo Airplane'! Flight from Phnom Penh to Bangkok for SE Asia Retreat 131246529 131246530 Helping with Sparrow's Nest Human-Trafficking Program we volunteered at in Phnom Penh 131246531 Street Kids Sparrow's Nest has a program for these kids every other week. They share a Bible story, play games & give the kids a snack & vitamin. 131246532 Gotta love these kids! 131246534 131246533 Emma's 3rd Birthday 131246536 $5 / night motel No aircon, hot water, sink or toilet paper... but the memories are priceless! 131246540 131246541 131246542 131246543 Crossing the river by Ferry 131246544 131246545 Ladies waiting for the Ferry 131246546 Emma at our new home in Siem Reap 189888096 Building a 'floating church' 189888097 Josh helping with construction on the 'floating church' 189888098 Josh & his friend, Sophal 189888099 189888102 Josh's 1st 'Christian Life' discipleship class 189888103 Emma working on her Preschool lessons 189888104 Josh preaching at Khmer church 189888105 Emma in Bangkok 189888106 The Floating School in Meachreay 189888107 Our fellow missionary, Dareth Ly, preaching at the dedication service for the Floating Church 189888108 Big Bugs! 189888109 Lots & lots of bugs These were called 'May Plee-ung' and were always really bad during rainy season. A lot of Cambodians eat them for snacks. :) 189888110 Josh got to take Greg Mundis & Russ Turney on a tour of the Floating School & Church 189888111 Russ Turney, Greg Mundis & Josh at the Floating Church 189888112 The road to our house They 'fixed' the road by pouring mounds of red dirt & smoothing it out. (So dusty! And will probably wash out again next rainy season.) 189888385 Worship during Youth Camp This was the 1st Youth Camp ever held in the Northern part of Cambodia 189888386 Josh taught a few sessions at Youth Camp 189888387 A few games he had them play as illustrations 189888388 Having fun 189888389 Preaching at Khmer Church 189888390 Christian Life Program in Battambang 189888392 Students at the Floating School 189888393 Cute student! 189888394 Boats instead of school buses! 189888395 Pregnant with Jude - Christmas 2012 189888396 Enjoyed McDonalds in Bangkok (Still don't have McD's in Cambodia) 189888397